How To Buy Therapeutic Essential Oils

You are about to see how easy it can be to switch over to a non-toxic way of living!

Trying to navigate the abundance of information out there about how to live more naturally can feel complicated and overwhelming. I once was there and remember knowing that I had to do better for myself and for my family, but I wondered how I was going to make that happen. As a busy working mom with little kids, it felt like I had little time and energy to give to this, yet I knew our health and well-being depended on making a change.

My kids were sick so often and my husband and I were using up all of our vacation time staying home with them until they were feeling healthy again and then my husband and I would then get sick too. We were in survival mode and at one point I decided that living like this was no longer an option and that a change needed to be made. What we were currently doing was NOT working! So I decided that exploring a more natural approach for our health and wellness was what our first step was going to be. I decided to DIY some natural products because the organic ones (which I thought were a healthy switch at the time) at the store were so expensive. I figured if I made my own products I could save a few bucks and have much healthier things to put on our skin and to clean our home with.

I started searching for DIY recipes and kept coming across recipes with essential oils in them. I had received a few Young Living oils as a gift years before, but at the time, I had no idea how to use them so I tucked them away in a drawer and forgot about them! I only found them shortly after I decided to order my Young Living Starter Kit in 2014! I loved their Seed to Seal promise as integrity and purity of the products I use are VERY important to me! If I’m going to go through the effort of making homemade products, I need to be using THE BEST ingredients possible! I received my kit and immediately got started making some products for our family using the new and old essential oils too! It was so exciting to me that I could make these products and best of all, they worked! I felt so empowered having these healthy products to use not only on myself and my husband, but even more so for our children!

Using essential oils in our homes was life changing! We became a healthier family! My husband and I were not missing so much work now that we had an oily toolbox filled with pure, natural, plant based products to use on our family. It felt amazing to know that I could handle the situations when we started to fall below the wellness line, which over time became less and less.


Are you ready to start this non-toxic journey with products that actually work? Click here to get started now!


You too can start living a non-toxic lifestyle today with full support so you actually get results! I know all too well that the oils end up tucked away in some drawer, totally forgotten about without having resources available to you to know how to use them! So no need to fear not knowing how to use these oils, I have resources I will provide you with so you too can feel empowered to help keep yourself and your family healthy. You’ll also get access to our amazing Facebook group that has so much information and education about the Young Living products and how they can support your wellness journey.

Young Living’s essential oils and essential oil based supplements are natural, non-toxic, and simple to use. Essential oils don’t cost a fortune to use and at the same time are safe and effective. It can be hard to know which oils to start with, but Young Living has made it easy. They have created a starter kit with all of the oils you’ll need to create your everyday oily toolbox. It’s affordable and the best way to jumpstart your wellness journey.


I’m so excited to introduce you to the amazing Premium Starter Kit:


This starter kit is packed full of all of the essential oils you need to get started on your health and wellness journey. Here is what you will get when you order your Premium Starter Kit:

  • 12 – 5ml bottles of essential oils: Lavender, Lemon Vitality, Peppermint Vitality, Frankincense, Citrus Fresh Vitality, Thieves Vitality, PanAway, Raven, DiGize Vitality, Valor, Peace & Calming, and Stress Away
  • A DIFFUSER to smell them all. You can choose from 4 diffuser options: The MOST gorgeous spa experience with the Aria, the Rainstone, or the base models: DewDrop or Desert Mist (I recommend the Desert Mist out of these two options)
  • 2 packets of Ningxia Red – our super antioxidant juice that tastes sooooo good!
  • Thieves Spray – perfect to throw in your purse or diaper bag to spray down any surfaces that need cleaning on the go!
  • Thieves hand purifier to keep those hands clean without toxic chemicals!
  • 2 AromaGlide Rollerball Fitments (you can put this roller ball on any of our 5ml or 15ml bottles and they last a really long time!)
  • A Product Guide
  • Young Living Lifestyle Booklet
  • Essential Oils Magazine
  • Essential Edge News
  • Wholesale membership which is 24% off retail prices FOREVER as an active member!
  • My welcome gift to you filled with several resources and a sample to get you off on the right foot on your wellness journey!
  • Access to our Facebook Community which has invaluable information, a supportive community and a place to ask questions!
  • The ability to earn points on everything you order to support your wellness goals via our Essential Rewards monthly wellness box!


Are you excited and ready to join? Click here!  

Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to:

  • Help your family all get a great night of sleep
  • Have energy all day long
  • Feel more peaceful and happy
  • Protect your family from hidden toxins
  • Feel confident in caring for yourself and your family naturally
  • Have your home smell amazing without filling it with toxic chemicals


To sign up as a Young Living Wholesale Member:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Under Choose Your Membership, click “Member”
  3. Fill in your Country and Language Preference
  4. Sponsor & Enroller # should be auto-filled in with this #: 1830340
  5. Click “Continue” on the pop-up to continue signing up on my team.
  6. Step 1: Choose your kit and diffuser
  7. Step 2: Essential Rewards Enrollment – Choose Yes or No
    1. Yes – Choose if you would like to use your starter kit purchase as your first ER order.
      1. Choose Yes or No
    2. No – You can always add this incredible option another time.
  8. Continue Enrollment: Here choose if you want to add on more products such as the incredible Thieves Household Cleaner, the Cool Azul Pain Cream, or the Copaiba Shampoo and Conditioner or you can choose to continue without adding more products by clicking “Next”.
  9. Membership Information – fill in your personal information
  10. Sign-in Information: Create your username, password and PIN. Write this down for your future logins!
  11. Commission Processing Information: Young Living will need your social security number for tax purposes if you plan to share Young Living with friends and family. If you earn over $600 in a year you’ll receive a 1099.
  12. Terms and Conditions: Read through the terms and conditions, click the box confirming you agree with the Terms and Conditions, and then click “Agree and Continue”.
  13. Confirm Your Order: You will get logged in, you can confirm your order, and enter your payment information! That’s it and then you’re on your way to your new oily lifestyle!!!


Getting Started FAQ

Why should I start with a kit instead of just buying one or two oils? First, ordering the kit gets you a wholesale member with a 24% discount for life. You get the 12 oils and a diffuser to use with your oils. Second, these oils are the most popular oils and the ones that I love and use daily! These oils are so versatile, you can use them for a great nights sleep, for skin support, to support your immune system, for focus, for energy, for relaxation, for your children, for your pets, to clean your home, and the list goes on! This kit gives you the opportunity to get yourself on your way to better health and wellness where just purchasing one or two oils doesn’t have that same effect. The starter kit is the perfect gateway to start learning about supporting your body with safe and natural products. Plus, the kit is valued at over $400, but is marked down to $165! It’s such an incredible bargain!

Why Young Living and not Amazon, Whole Foods, Target, etc.?  Young Living is the pioneer of modern day essential oils. They are a 25 year old company and they have surpassed over $1 billion in sales the last several years. They have an unmatched Seed to Seal guarantee which promises purity of every oil and every product they produce. They have rigid standards from the beginning when it’s a seed until the oil is sealed in the bottle. You don’t get those guarantees from any other essential oil company out there! Young Living takes their quality and purity seriously and you can trust that they create an exceptional product that is safe for you and your family to use.

Do I have to sell oils to be a member?  No, you do not have to sell oils in order to become a Wholesale Member. Only about 10% of Young Living’s members do this as a business while the rest of the members just enjoy the awesome products Young Living has to offer.

Is there a monthly order minimum? No there is not. There is no monthly order requirement as a Wholesale Member. You are free to order whatever products you want whenever you want to. In order to keep your 24% off wholesale membership active you will have to spend at least 50PV a year. (That’s really a breeze to do though and I can help you figure out what to get in case you are feeling stumped!)

What do I need to do to get started? You begin by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit. This is the same kit that I started my wellness journey with and was life changing for my family. It’s truly the most cost effective way to get yourself a diffuser and a good start to building yourself a great natural living toolbox.

How do I use oils? There are sooo many ways to use these oils! You can diffuse them, use them topically, and you can even ingest certain oils. Diffusing is great for bedtime to support a restful nights sleep, to neutralize odors and to make your home smell nice. You can apply oils topically pretty much anywhere except in your eyes or your ears for all kinds of support. Lastly, ingesting the oils is a great way to instantly get the benefits of that oil into your bloodstream! Plus once you become a wholesale member on my team I will send you several resources that will help you learn how to use your oils. The last thing I want is for you to tuck those amazing oils away in a drawer like I did when I was gifted those oils so many years ago!