Hello, my name is Kristy Conlan. I’m an ordinary person, being called out by the Universe to do extraordinary things. I’m being pushed beyond my comfort zone multiple times a day and am being asked to really put myself out there and share my gifts with humanity and beyond. I am an energy worker. I’ve been quietly working for years in the comfort of my home office with friends and family, but the Universe almost three years ago made it very clear that it was time to expand outside of my comfort zone and make myself known publicly. I have been working through those fears of doing that and here I am now, writing my very first blog post, and sharing my story. I don’t consider myself a writer and so this is also out of my comfort zone. I believe wholeheartedly that true growth only happens when we’re pushed outside of our comfort zone and let me tell you, I have grown exponentially these last few years! I’m still in awe some days of the expansion that has happened within me.

I started out on this healing journey almost 14 years ago. I was very skeptical
about the whole thing. I didn’t understand the concept that everything is energy. My sister had recently just discovered the energy healing world and had started seeing a healer that she referred me to, to see if she could help me alleviate some chronic pain I was having in my body. I wasn’t willing to even think about making an appointment as I was certain that it was going to be a waste of my time. I
thought that way until something extraordinary happened for me. I was at my best friend’s wedding and was the maid of honor. It was just about time for me to give my maid-of-honor speech and I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED! I was extremely shy and was shaking so badly, I wasn’t sure how I would even get the words out to deliver this speech in front of 200 people! My sister happened to be at this wedding. She came up to me and taught me something she had just learned.

She told me about the angel, Archangel Michael, the angel of strength, protection and courage. She told me to ask him to be with me during the speech and to give me strength and courage to get through this speech without being nervous. I’m not even sure I believed that this angel that I had never heard of and couldn’t see, was going to take this practically paralyzing anxiety and fear away from me so I could deliver this speech, but what did I have to lose? So, I gave it a try, I called upon Archangel Michael and asked him for courage and strength to deliver this speech without being nervous and for my body to stop shaking. It worked! It truly worked! I was absolutely blown away! Immediately everything in my head went quiet, my body stopped shaking and there was a calm within me that I hadn’t ever experienced before. I went ahead and delivered my speech to all of those guests without one single feeling of fear or anxiety. It felt like a miracle to me and in that moment, I knew it was time for me to book my first ever healing appointment!

Have you ever had a healing before? Is it time for a tune-up?  Let’s set up an appointmenttso you can experience this magical energy!