I believe our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, but sometimes we need some assistance or guidance on what to do in order to put the body in the best alignment to do so. Thoughts, emotions, and experiences in this lifetime or past lifetimes can cause dis-ease within our physical bodies, causing things to not work efficiently. Those experiences, emotions and thoughts can become stuck in the body and then manifest into physical pain, cause blockages in moving forward towards your goals, create unconscious thought patterns, or create diseases in the body. The emotions associated with painful or difficult experiences or the thought patterns created through belief systems or experiences need the opportunity to be acknowledged for being there and then given space to process. If that space and acknowledgment is not given to those emotions, they can attach within our systems and create diseases, pain, or block us from living our true authentic life. I have the ability to see within peoples’ bodies and energetic systems to see what is ready to be realigned so it can transform into love, joy, peace, or harmony which creates a supportive energy to not only realign the body and energy system to heal from within, but to also carry you forward with greater ease on your journey. If you feel like you could use some assistance with any of this, please contact me and we can get you setup with an appointment to see what is ready to be transformed! 

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