At dinner the other night, my son was telling me about something that he learned in school and it had to do with looking in the past and into the future and so we talked about what each of those meant. Then, we took it to the next step and talked about present time. My children are young and so they didn’t exactly know what present time meant, so we discussed what it was and the importance of living each of your moments in present time so you can really experience life.  We talked about when you’re living in the past or living in the future that you’re not actually experiencing life as it is happening! The present moment is where life happens! My children really soaked up that message and I look forward to seeing what they do with that lesson and how they implement it into their lives.

Being in the present moment is not the easiest thing to do at first, but just takes practice to make that a state in which to live. I suggest starting with one minute of quiet time each day, just sitting quietly without a specific intention other than being quiet. If your mind is busy with all sorts of thoughts, do some deep breaths and focus solely on your breathing to slow your mind down and to focus. Try this daily and as the one minute gets easier, increase to two minutes and then slowly increase your time being in this state and it will become easier and more automatic.

Do you feel like you already live in the present moment? Are there specific tools you have used to stay in the present moment? 

Do you need guidance on obtaining a state of presence? Do you have blockages in the way of you reaching this state.  Contact me  to determine if an appointment with me is right for you!

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