I came across this quote from the late Wayne Dyer, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” and I felt like it was a really good reminder for us all to look at things in our lives that we may not be happy with from a new angle. How we perceive what’s in front of us is our choice. We have the choice each moment of our lives to make it great or make it not great. We have the opportunity to choose joy over anger, choose happy over melancholy, and fun over misery. The choice is yours how you want to experience your life. You get to choose how each moment is experienced. Are you experiencing life with a glass half full or half empty? I challenge you to start being aware of how you’re receiving each moment of your life. If life has not been about joy, happiness and fun, you have the power to make that change with the way you’re viewing your experiences. This is a change that can happen instantly however, it does take some conscious work to be aware of your perspective and to retrain your mind to look at things from a different angle. Give it a try and see if more joyous experiences enter your life!

Do you need assistance with shifting your perspective? If so, contact me and let’s determine if setting up an appointment is right for you! 

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