At dinner the other night, my son was telling me about something that he learned in school and it had to do with looking in the past and into the future and so we talked about what each of those meant. Then, we took it to the next step and talked about present time. My children are young and so they didn’t exactly know what present time meant, so we discussed what it was and the importance of living each of your moments in present time so you can really experience life.  We talked about when you’re living in the past or living in the future that you’re not actually experiencing life as it is happening! The present moment is where life happens! My children really soaked up that message and I look forward to seeing what they do with that lesson and how they implement it into their lives.

Being in the present moment is not the easiest thing to do at first, but just takes practice to make that a state in which to live. I suggest starting with one minute of quiet time each day, just sitting quietly without a specific intention other than being quiet. If your mind is busy with all sorts of thoughts, do some deep breaths and focus solely on your breathing to slow your mind down and to focus. Try this daily and as the one minute gets easier, increase to two minutes and then slowly increase your time being in this state and it will become easier and more automatic.

Do you feel like you already live in the present moment? Are there specific tools you have used to stay in the present moment? 

Do you need guidance on obtaining a state of presence? Do you have blockages in the way of you reaching this state.  Contact me  to determine if an appointment with me is right for you!

I came across this quote from the late Wayne Dyer, “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” and I felt like it was a really good reminder for us all to look at things in our lives that we may not be happy with from a new angle. How we perceive what’s in front of us is our choice. We have the choice each moment of our lives to make it great or make it not great. We have the opportunity to choose joy over anger, choose happy over melancholy, and fun over misery. The choice is yours how you want to experience your life. You get to choose how each moment is experienced. Are you experiencing life with a glass half full or half empty? I challenge you to start being aware of how you’re receiving each moment of your life. If life has not been about joy, happiness and fun, you have the power to make that change with the way you’re viewing your experiences. This is a change that can happen instantly however, it does take some conscious work to be aware of your perspective and to retrain your mind to look at things from a different angle. Give it a try and see if more joyous experiences enter your life!

Do you need assistance with shifting your perspective? If so, contact me and let’s determine if setting up an appointment is right for you! 

I believe our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, but sometimes we need some assistance or guidance on what to do in order to put the body in the best alignment to do so. Thoughts, emotions, and experiences in this lifetime or past lifetimes can cause dis-ease within our physical bodies, causing things to not work efficiently. Those experiences, emotions and thoughts can become stuck in the body and then manifest into physical pain, cause blockages in moving forward towards your goals, create unconscious thought patterns, or create diseases in the body. The emotions associated with painful or difficult experiences or the thought patterns created through belief systems or experiences need the opportunity to be acknowledged for being there and then given space to process. If that space and acknowledgment is not given to those emotions, they can attach within our systems and create diseases, pain, or block us from living our true authentic life. I have the ability to see within peoples’ bodies and energetic systems to see what is ready to be realigned so it can transform into love, joy, peace, or harmony which creates a supportive energy to not only realign the body and energy system to heal from within, but to also carry you forward with greater ease on your journey. If you feel like you could use some assistance with any of this, please contact me and we can get you setup with an appointment to see what is ready to be transformed! 

I was still in awe of my experience with Archangel Michael at my friend’s wedding. I had never experienced anything like that and I hadn’t ever thought that something like that was even possible. Three days after that experience, I scheduled my first appointment with the healer. I had absolutely no clue what to expect at this appointment and I was beyond nervous as this was VERY far outside of my comfort zone.

The day of the appointment arrived and I was so nervous! I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t sure what I was going to have to do, but I went to the appointment anyways. The appointment ended up being amazing, in fact, I enjoyed it so much that I booked my next session for the following month. After my third appointment, something shifted in me and I knew right then that I was here on this Earth because I was also a healer.

I continued seeing the healer every month for years. I worked through so many emotions and experiences stuck within me, yet I still felt so unfulfilled despite having a lot of amazing things happening in my life at the time. There was an emptiness inside that I wasn’t sure how to fix. I knew I was supposed to be a healer, but I was too scared to admit that to anyone. There were so many fears and doubts about my inner knowing. What if I was wrong? What if she said I was way off base and that wasn’t actually my calling? I let my mind make up all of these stories and the stories created even more fear, which was also stopping me from moving forward. At some point, I finally got brave enough to ask her if she too thought I was a healer. She was so happy that I had discovered the truth about my calling! Soon after, I enrolled myself in the first level of Healing Touch. I made my way through the first three levels and even some advanced classes that were offered and I grew so much during that time. I was now able to feel energy with my hands and my intuition was really kicking in. I was doing healings on close friends and family and was testing out my new skills and although it felt exciting to be discovering these new abilities, I had so much fear around moving in that direction as a career. I was terrified of sharing my gifts and knowledge about energy work and so I immersed myself into my life instead. I still showed up for my monthly appointments and even started attending the monthly class my healer hosted. I stayed in the comfort of my bubble. I felt safe exploring and slowly growing energetically within that bubble of people that I trusted, but that unfulfilled empty feeling remained.

I was not moving forward with my healing gifts at the rate in which the universe was satisfied with because my healer, who by this point had become my mentor was pushing me to step into my calling. I got frustrated with her trying to push me out of my comfort zone month after month. A couple of months after her repeatedly pushing even harder for me to step into my energy work, I was invited to a meditation and although that wasn’t within my safe bubble of people that I knew and trusted, I decided to try it out. This ended up being a very significant choice in my life as this is when everything began to change for me. I discovered a new group of people that worked in a completely different energy than I had experienced before. I regularly attended the weekly meditation and it immediately awakened so much inside of me and shortly thereafter put me on a fast track of continuous growth and constant state of pushing past my limits. I discovered a new mentor who I allowed to step into my life and show me how to push my boundaries even further. The last two and a half years has brought me through an incredible amount of self-awareness, and massive growth emotionally, spiritually, energetically and physically. It’s really hard to sum up the expansion that I have experienced and the knowledge, awarenesses and the skills that have come through with the retreats, the meditations and the abundance of classes and programs I have attended. I put myself on a path that has stretched me further than I thought possible. It has turned me inside out and upside down, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have found the energetic vibration that I belong in and I have found my courage (at least most of the time!) to share my gifts with humanity. I have also found the solution to that unfulfilled empty feeling! It’s to share my energetic gifts with humanity and to help people evolve from their old patterns and belief systems and to assist them in discovering themselves at a much deeper level. I am forever grateful for my healer and mentor, Joanne for pushing me out of the nest where I felt so comfortable and safe and to Jeanne, my other mentor for catching me as I was falling from the nest, unsure of how or where I would land. Had those two magnificent beings not entered my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I know my learning and expansion does not end here. I will continually be pushing myself past the next layer of comfort and pushing myself through even deeper spaces. There is still so much more for me to discover about myself and so much more growth to occur so I can continue to support my clients on their journey of growth, self-discovery and expansion.

I hope you enjoyed this brief snippet of my life and I look forward to meeting all of you and hope that we can work together to light up your journey with more peace, joy and love than you thought were even possible!  

Much peace and love to you,


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Hello, my name is Kristy Conlan. I’m an ordinary person, being called out by the Universe to do extraordinary things. I’m being pushed beyond my comfort zone multiple times a day and am being asked to really put myself out there and share my gifts with humanity and beyond. I am an energy worker. I’ve been quietly working for years in the comfort of my home office with friends and family, but the Universe almost three years ago made it very clear that it was time to expand outside of my comfort zone and make myself known publicly. I have been working through those fears of doing that and here I am now, writing my very first blog post, and sharing my story. I don’t consider myself a writer and so this is also out of my comfort zone. I believe wholeheartedly that true growth only happens when we’re pushed outside of our comfort zone and let me tell you, I have grown exponentially these last few years! I’m still in awe some days of the expansion that has happened within me.

I started out on this healing journey almost 14 years ago. I was very skeptical
about the whole thing. I didn’t understand the concept that everything is energy. My sister had recently just discovered the energy healing world and had started seeing a healer that she referred me to, to see if she could help me alleviate some chronic pain I was having in my body. I wasn’t willing to even think about making an appointment as I was certain that it was going to be a waste of my time. I
thought that way until something extraordinary happened for me. I was at my best friend’s wedding and was the maid of honor. It was just about time for me to give my maid-of-honor speech and I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED! I was extremely shy and was shaking so badly, I wasn’t sure how I would even get the words out to deliver this speech in front of 200 people! My sister happened to be at this wedding. She came up to me and taught me something she had just learned.

She told me about the angel, Archangel Michael, the angel of strength, protection and courage. She told me to ask him to be with me during the speech and to give me strength and courage to get through this speech without being nervous. I’m not even sure I believed that this angel that I had never heard of and couldn’t see, was going to take this practically paralyzing anxiety and fear away from me so I could deliver this speech, but what did I have to lose? So, I gave it a try, I called upon Archangel Michael and asked him for courage and strength to deliver this speech without being nervous and for my body to stop shaking. It worked! It truly worked! I was absolutely blown away! Immediately everything in my head went quiet, my body stopped shaking and there was a calm within me that I hadn’t ever experienced before. I went ahead and delivered my speech to all of those guests without one single feeling of fear or anxiety. It felt like a miracle to me and in that moment, I knew it was time for me to book my first ever healing appointment!

Have you ever had a healing before? Is it time for a tune-up?  Let’s set up an appointmenttso you can experience this magical energy!